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Pro Star

Pro Star Pilatus Center is dedicated to the worlds most successful business turboprop, the PC-12 NG.

Call us today to discuss why more individuals and corporate flight departments are choosing to operate this highly successful alternative to light jets and twin turboprops. Efficiency, performance and incredible versatility are the everyday attributes of this compelling aircraft.

The advanced Pilatus PC-12 continues to maintain its status as the words most successful business turboprop. With a global fleet rapidly approaching 1500 aircraft the PC-12 continues to gain the attention of a wide variety of users including corporate flight departments, private individuals and government organizations.

With a global shift away from less fuel efficient jet aircraft,
the PC-12 is a genuine alternative that you and your company can rely on time and time again. At Pro Star Pilatus we can show you why the worlds best selling business turboprop is all business and the true definition of a value proposition in business aviation.